Microcrystalline cellulose pellets (Cellets) are highly spherical starter pellets consisting of 100 % microcrystalline cellulose in sizes between 100 µm and 1,400 µm. They act as neutral starter cores and as multiparticulate carriers in extended release formulations of highly active or low concentrated API. Chemical inertness, high friability, high sphericity and smooth surface properties are key advantages for easy and reliable drug delivery formulations.

product information

Product, standard sizesSize
Cellets 100100-200 µmmore details
Cellets 200200-355 µmmore details
Cellets 350350-500 µmmore details
Cellets 500500-710 µmmore details
Cellets 700700-1000 µmmore details
Cellets 10001000-1400 µmmore details

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