About ingredientpharm

Ingredientpharm bases the economic success on the knowledge and commitment of our employees and on the knowledge exchange and trustful communication with our clients. Our corporate values and the establishment of a dialog and feedback-oriented culture are at the forefront. Trust, an inclusive respect for diversity and equal opportunities are characterizing our values.

Our products and services can contribute to outstanding changes worldwide. In this spirit, we collaborate and take responsibility with our business partners along the entire value chain. Through partnerships and trustful business relationships, we intend to contribute helping people.

In the first place, ingredientpharm specialises in the development and marketing of niche pharmaceutical excipients for solid dosage form with a strong expertise in controlled release and taste masking applications. In the light of API we focus on taste masking and production performance using innovative formulation and technology approaches. Ingredientpharm is a Swiss based and acts internationally. We do not offer products only but also complete solutions to support your product development and production.

Key topics of ingredientpharm:

  • Pharmaceutical

    Providing innovative drug carriers by changing the physical properties of existing excipients.

  • Consumer Health

    Expertise for a variety of nutritional additives that are bioactive products suitable for modular and individual food supplement formulations.

  • Services

    Offering solutions from international supply to taylor made solutions e.g. taste masking of costumer specific APIs.

In view of pharmaceuticals, starter pellets are part of our portfolio. They are of neutral type such as Cellets (microcrystalline cellulose pellets) or of funcational type such as TAP (tartartic acid pellets). Not to mention that pellets play a successful role for multi-particulate dosage forms. In the same fashion, multi-particulates have striking advantages compared to monolithic dosage forms and gain strong interest for novel drug solutions. For example, final drug forms are compressed tablets with controlled release times, granules in sachet sticks or filled capsules.

For urgent topics, feel free to contact us.