MCC Spheres is pelletized microcrystalline cellulose, are made from certified MCC and pure water. See also: MCC pellets, Cellets.

MCC Spheres are in appearance white or nearly white or beige, hard and almost spherical particles. MCC pellets are odorless, tasteless and are available in sizes from 100 µm to 1400 µm. As excipients, MCC Spheres are versatile used as starter cores in oral fomulations for extended or modified release formulations. They act as neutral starter cores (find here more information about functional starter cores).

In an oral drug formulation, these Spheres are taken for coating and layering of excipients and APIs. This is called pellet technologies. The aims are divers:

  • homogeneous drug coating and control
  • controlled release
  • easy taste-masking of the final drug
  • application in multiple unit pellet systems (MUPS)
  • new drug formulations for paediatrics
  • carrier system for API in jelly formulations
  • better customer acceptance and safety
  • reduced food effect, variability and dose dumping
Cellets 500, magnification 500x

MCC Spheres, e.g. Cellets 500.