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Gliclazide formulations for Sustained Release Delivery

Abstract Patients with dysphagia may have obstacles to swallow tablets or large multiparticulates. The former dosage form can even not be crushed in case that the tablet exhibits a modified release or taste-masking profile through outer layering. As a solution, so called jelly formulations may be a valuable attempt. Jellies are delivery vehicles incorporating sustained […]

Microparticle coating in Wurster Fluidized Bed – Scalable Production of Oral Sustained-Release Drugs

Abstract Modified drug release formulations for suspensions are a perfect solution for children and patients with swallowing difficulties. In many cases, these formulations are based on pellets serving as starter beads. In this report, an attempt on microparticle coating by Mohylyuk et al. [1] is described. Herein, small scaled microcrystalline cellulose pellets (Cellets® 90 and […]

Coating uniformity of hot-melt coated particles

Abstract Coating uniformity is a critical parameter in coating processes in novel pharmaceutical formulations. Speaking about pellet technology, coating and layering are the main methods for implementing drug functionalities, such as modified release of the active, taste-masking properties and further more. Coating uniformity guaranties not only upholding functionalities of the formulation, but also prevent risks […]

Amorphous solid dispersions layered pellets

Abstract Amorphous solid dispersions layered pellets solve a problem of poorly water soluble drugs. Speaking about oral drug formulations, drug carrier solutions based on starter cores are suitable for several drug classes and open new opportunities for modified drug release profiles. Layering and coating techniques, such as Wurster fluid bed process at different batch sizes, […]

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Scientific literature on MCC pellets (Cellets)

Selected Scientific literature Please, find scientific literature on Cellets. This list is constantly updated and does not claim to be complete. If you are author, scientist or R&D specialist, please submit your present publication to us for improving the visibility. List Research article Correlating Granule Surface Structure Morphology and Process Conditions in Fluidized Bed Layering […]

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Impact of the particle size on powder behavior in a Wurster fluid-bed process

Abstract Cellets are inert starter cores made of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). They play an important role in new formulations of solid dosage forms. As a carrier system for actives, the chemical inertness and surface smoothness are crucial parameters. Additionally, high level of robustness and sphericity simplify formulations and technical processes, such as fluidized bed technologies […]

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The path to the perfect sphere

The renaissance of micropellets is promoting innovative technologies In recent years, formulations based on pellets and micropellets have been the trend. New technologies make it possible to circumvent property rights for active ingredients and are therefore very popular with pharmaceutical customers. But which technologies are the most important? Pellets are the jack-of-alltrades of solid dosage […]

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Some light on sugar and microcrystalline cellulose pellets

Abstract Microcrystalline cellulose pellets (MCC) and sugar are well-known materials in pellet technology. Pellet technology describes the drug load onto starter pellets for controlled release formulations by Wurster process or others. Inert pellets are made of microcrystalline cellulose, while water soluble pellets are composed of sugar. Both material classes show desirable characteristics, such as a […]

Case Study: Hydrocortisone for paediatrics

Abstract Hydrocortisone is found on the EMA unmet medical need priority list (2011) for the use in paediatric population for children suffering from all forms of adrenal insufficiency. Although there is a particular need in neonates and in infants, i.e. children younger than two years, there is a main issue. No licensed hydrocortisone preparation for […]