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Benefits and challenges of multilayer high drug-loaded amorphous solid dispersions

Introduction on amorphous solid dispersions What is the benefit of multilayer amorphous solid dispersions? Recently, several studies had been performed on amorphous solid dispersions working spheres or starter beads. Starter beads, such as MCC (Microcrystalline Cellulose) spheres are employed due to their high friability and chemical inertness. Some studies are even working on solventless pelletization […]

Amorphous solid dispersions at various aspects

We identified, that amorphous solid dispersions gain in importance as they increase the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs. There are severall attempts, in which each of them positive aspects and certain issues occur. It’s time, drawing amorphous solids dispersions in a more general context and sheding some more light on elementary aspects. […]


Hydrodynamic behavior of MCC Spheres in a spouted bed

Abstract This case study is a short abstract on spouted bed characteristics, following closely findings in the publication by J. Vanamu and A. Sahoo [1]. Spouted bed systems are of highest importance for all powder processing industries, and more specific in pharmaceutical industry for coating and drying in pellet technologies [2]. These systems offer manufacturing […]

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Scientific literature on MCC pellets (CELLETS)

Selected Scientific literature Please, find scientific literature on CELLETS®. This list is constantly updated and does not claim to be complete. If you are author, scientist or R&D specialist, please submit your present publication to us for improving the visibility. List   Research article Solventless amorphization and pelletization using a high shear granulator. Part II; […]

Coating weight gain and API release in multiparticulates

Abstract Multiparticulates made of pellets are ideal dosage forms to be used in pediatrics. Having the suitability of paediatric consumers in mind, formulations of small-sized pellets offer a valuable base for increased compliance and improved age-appropriately dosage form. Due to their round shape of pellets, smooth surface area and narrow particle size distribution they can […]


Atomoxetine HCl Pellets in MUPS Formulations

Abstract This case study on Atomoxetine HCl pellets is a short abstract of the publication by Y.D. Priya et al. [1]. Atomoxetine is a medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [2]. The API is marketed under the trade names Atomoxetine, Atomoxe, Agakalin, and Strattera (initially launched) [3]. Atomoxetine is an extremely bitter […]


Tamoxifen citrate was spray layered micropellets for Cre recombination research

Abstract on Tamoxifen Tamoxifen is widely used in transgenic research in mice to induce Cre recombinase activity and achieve conditional gene knockouts [1]. However administrating tamoxifen to mice is challenging The commonly used dosing methods are oral gavage or intraperitoneal injection [2] which require specialist staff training and can cause pain, distress and adverse effects […]