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The Effect of Design and Size of the Fluid-Bed Equipment on the Particle Size-Dependent Trend of Particle Coating Thickness and Drug Prolonged-Release Profile

Abstract The focus of the current work is to study and demonstrate the impact of the design, the scale, and settings of fluid-bed coating equipment on the differences in pellet coating thickness, which in case of prolonged-release pellets dictates the drug release. In the first set of coating experiments, the pellet cores were coated with […]

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Continuous Manufacturing of Cocrystals Using 3D-Printed Microfluidic Chips Coupled with Spray Coating

Abstract on Continuous Manufacturing Using cocrystals has emerged as a promising strategy to improve the physicochemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by forming a new crystalline phase from two or more components. Particle size and morphology control are key quality attributes for cocrystal medicinal products. The needle-shaped morphology is often considered high-risk and complex […]

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Scientific literature on MCC pellets (CELLETS)

Selected Scientific literature Please, find scientific literature on CELLETS®, MCC spheres. This list is constantly updated and does not claim to be complete. If you are author, scientist or R&D specialist, please submit your present publication to us for improving the visibility. List – Publications with MCC spheres, 2024 Thesis Modelling the disintegration of pharmaceutical […]


Development of a New Bioequivalent Omeprazole Product

The publication by G. Kumisbek, D. Vetchý, A. Kadyrbay describes gently the development and implementation of a new generic enteric form of CELLETS® 700 (MCC pellets, 700-1000 µm) loaded with omeprazole in capsules by Viva Pharm LLP, a pharmaceutical company based in Kazakhstan. The company’s solid-dosage-form production facility was utilized for this purpose. Detailed technological […]

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Paediatric solid oral dosage forms for combination products: Improving in vitro swallowability of minitablets using binary mixtures with pellets

Abstract on paediatric solid oral dosage forms There is a growing interest in enhancing the acceptability of paediatric pharmaceutical formulations. Solid oral dosage forms (SODF), especially multiparticulates, are being considered as an alternative to liquid formulations, but they may compromise palatability when large volumes are required for dosing. We hypothesised that a binary mixture of […]


Comparison of Mini-Tablets and Pellets as Multiparticulate Drug Delivery Systems for Controlled Drug Release

Abstract Mini-tablets made into hard capsules or administered using special dosing units, as well as pellets in hard capsules or compressed into tablets, offer the advantages of multiparticulate drug delivery systems and are suitable for controlled drug release using polymer coatings. Four different kinds of solid drug preparations were manufactured and investigated concerning drug release. […]

Investigating the Influence of Fluid-Bed Equipment Design and Size on Particle Coating Thickness Trends and Drug Prolonged-Release Profiles Linked to Particle Size

The primary objective of this research is to investigate the design and size on particle coating thickness. Furthermore,  illustrate how the design, size, and configurations of fluid-bed coating machinery influence variations in pellet coating thickness. This parameter plays a crucial role in governing the release of medication in prolonged-release pellets. Initially, the scientists conducted a […]

Preparation and characterization of controlled-release doxazosin mesylate pellets using a simple drug layering-aquacoating technique

Abstract Pellets are one of multiparticulate pharmaceutical forms and can offer numerous technical and biopharmaceutical advantages compared with single dose unit formulations, e.g. tablets and capsules. This study aimed at formulation of controlled-release pellets of doxazosin mesylate (DM), a widely used treatment for antihypertensive and benign prostatic hyperplasia. DM was loaded onto microcrystalline cellulose CELLETS® pellets […]